i am back in world just to ‘set’ my shop

i can not really say “hi, i am back” cause i am not really back in world like i used to be before. 8 months away from second life has brought me a different understanding about second life. i start to see it as another extension of my creativity and nothing more. i have a real life that is much more worth to hold on than just second life.

BUT the feeling of having the time to create something and invent something new that bring me back to second life. beside i have so much collections in my inventory that i should not waste at all. they are precious for me and i had spent my time, energy, effort to create each one of them.

therefore with a help of my friend – i am setting up my shop again. i might not creating things NEW like before. but i am displaying what i had made so you can purchase them if you want to own it.

sorry my writting mood has been decreasing so much, i guess i am loosing the touch or the sense of being an avatar, i am now more writing as a real person behind an avatar on the second life.

so like i said … no emotional involvement, no expectation, nothing to hope or wish for from second life anymore … just here to have fun and creating stuffs.

hope you enjoy them …. btw if you want to TP to my temp shop you can click the link under my blog link.

thank you ….


1 Response to “i am back in world just to ‘set’ my shop”

  1. 1 jaxie
    June 2, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Yay, Manis so happy you’re back at least part time 🙂 Totally missed you and your creations! And am so glad you have found the happy balance!!

    Love and hugs,

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