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NEW SKIN – Bonita ….

Who does not know her … the legend of the real beauty queen …..

BONITA is the 5th generation of mix and match skin – still inspired by latina beauty and old hollywood big screen actresses. i love their make up and the natural beauty they have. they are simple yet glamorous. so enjoyyyy….





Boneca ….coming soon

she is boneca still in the mood of latina beauty. she is only the 1st draft and knowing me ..i will twist , tweak and turn a lot ….xd

i want to give her the dramatique look but yet soft and sweet.

i dunno if you know the flower “morning glow/glory” …the flower is so inviting but when you touch it …it will close up the petals. shy …but yet inviting …

so this is the mood i am going for boneca.

this is the preview of her look. enjoy …

boneka picture


NEW Skin – she who smiles a lot – sorrisa

YAY ! i finally completed these 1st line of my 5th generation of skin released in year 2009. this generation is inspired by the latina beauty that i adore so much. their skin tone is just wonderful to apply with almost every colors be it on make up, clothing or even hair.

the first line of few more lines to come is SORRISA, her name means smile in portugese. she is a bit unique, she has her teeth showing between her lips. she might not be everybody preference, but if you are adventorous in second life and willing to work on your shape, she could be very gorgeous on your avatar.

i sell each skin for L400 and the fat pak is L1200. come with each set you purchased are free eyes, free eyebrows, free face light and eyelashes.

so …please wellcome my sorrisa

sorrisa I [marrom] – darker side of tan

sorrisa marrom

sorrisa 1 body

fair face overviewdark tan face overview

tan face overview


sorrisa II [simpatico] – lighter side of tan

sorrisa simpatico


sorrisa 2 body


sorrisa 2 fair face overview


sorrisa 2 fairf face overview


Flatterby – my new skin


Sorriso dark tan – coming soon ….. stay tuned


Style card#45

 post 45

Hair : ETD Chel – Espresso by Elikapeka Tiramisu

Skin : -mix and match- La Sorrisa, basic

earings/ bangles: *Ticky Tacky* Hoopty Hoops of Love Earring – Dream Angel  by Narita Rayna

scarf: :::MM:::my boyfriend scarf 4, by mix and match

nail: :::MM:::Black Nail Polish, by Mix and Match

top: BBS-Weat 002 1, little april showers, by yutaka Densmith

skirt/belt : :::MM:::Dolly Princess 2, by Mix and Match

sock: Sparkle Flower Socks – bright by Paisley Mizin

boot : (Shiny Things) Old Boots – brown by  Fallingwater Cellardoor

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. :::sunflower poses::: whatever by  Helianthus Mesmer
2. >>Hi-Fi<<NT004 by Eri Helendale
3. >>Hi-Fi<<OR060 by Eri Helendale


Style card#44

post 44

Hair : >TRUTH< Yvette – treacle by Truth Hawks

Skin : [ROCKBERRY] Uma A natural Dk Brows by Heather Beebe

earings: :::MM::: MoonSoon Earing2 , by Mix and Match

bangles: :::MM::: Etnik Bracelets, by Mix and Match

necklace: :::MM::: Boho Beads Necklace, Red Purple, by Mix and Match

nail: :::MM:::Black Nail Polish, by Mix and Match

top: :::MM::: Tank Tops – Pink, by Mix and Match

pant : *Sari’s* Spires Pantskirt Strut by Sari Telling

bag: -mix and match – beach bag – red

sandal: :::MM:::MoonSoon Sandal 2, by Mix and Match

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. [LAP] – Cool Kid by Dove Swanson
2. [LAP] – KB-Kewtie Pie by Dove Swanson
3. [LAP] – Timid Girl by Dove Swanson


Style card#43

post 43

Hair : >TRUTH< Linda – driftwood by Truth Hawks

Skin : 09b Pale Skin -Leona- / *magenta *REDGRAVE* by Emilia Redgrave

earings: (luc) Humble Blossom Earring Stud Gold by Lucas Lameth

bangles: :::MM::: Gold Bracelets , by Mix and Match

dress/scarf/armband  : “anuenue.1stAnniversaryDress by  Marea Kirax

sock : *salire socks/black by salire landar

bag: -mix and match- vintage clutch 4[on right hand] animated

shoe: *RRS*  Red  Desert Cowboy boot by Jaxie Oceanlane

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. kru_mode183 by Kru Flan
2. kru_mode61 by Kru Flan
3. kru_mode159 by Kru Flan

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