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just keep it simple, straight and no frills …. enjoy cheeerssss. [this blog will be closed for activity]


i am back in world just to ‘set’ my shop

i can not really say “hi, i am back” cause i am not really back in world like i used to be before. 8 months away from second life has brought me a different understanding about second life. i start to see it as another extension of my creativity and nothing more. i have a real life that is much more worth to hold on than just second life.

BUT the feeling of having the time to create something and invent something new that bring me back to second life. beside i have so much collections in my inventory that i should not waste at all. they are precious for me and i had spent my time, energy, effort to create each one of them.

therefore with a help of my friend – i am setting up my shop again. i might not creating things NEW like before. but i am displaying what i had made so you can purchase them if you want to own it.

sorry my writting mood has been decreasing so much, i guess i am loosing the touch or the sense of being an avatar, i am now more writing as a real person behind an avatar on the second life.

so like i said … no emotional involvement, no expectation, nothing to hope or wish for from second life anymore … just here to have fun and creating stuffs.

hope you enjoy them …. btw if you want to TP to my temp shop you can click the link under my blog link.

thank you ….


SKIPPING STONE HUNT – The Down The Chimney Hunt

hiii …i am participating on this hunt. this time i collaborated with ticky tacky and *RSS to come out with one theme set of outift, accesories and boots as the gift. i am a little bit sick in rl and going off for the long holiday soon, so i came out with this picture of our gift hopefully it help give you a better look of the gift.

enjoy …. and happy holiday …xd


“LOL” Good one about copy botters [store owner especially]

i love browsing forum in xstreet within my free times or observing group chat from few developer/builder/scripter/creator group in sl. I love these discussion on the forum – so i copy and paste it here for my INFO especially :

Crone Dryke [sweeden]

copying and pasting some stuff ive said in other threads.

Easy and simple ways to prevent copybotting and still be discrete with it is:

– Do not have demo’s of unnecessary objects.
– If you have model’s of your object in your shop, have them unlinked.
– If you need to have demo’s, make it visiable that they are demo’s other then a floating box above the thing, for example, if its a hair, change the whole hair texture to the same hair texture with the text “DEMO” all over it.
– Name all store model’s “Object”

These are some simple ways which will make it harder for Copybotters, as they will have to find the object which must have first been bought by someone else, and then copy it, or theymust buy it themselfs before copying (which they never do)

Some CopyBot facts for all you who dont really know exactly what its capable of, and what it cant do.

For a sucessfull copy the object must be rezzed in-world, it cant be attatched to an avatar. the copybotter (aka “Master”) must be able to see the objects name, and will search for the name in the CopyBot program, if there are other objects named thesame, he will find them all.
The only thing CopyBot can rip of Avatars is textures, like skin, clothes, eyes etc, even tho it most of the time ends up in one big mess.
CopyBot often has trouble seperating Default and Planar texture mapping which makes it end up in one big mess.
CopyBot can not copy any scripts other then particles, neither can it copy animations or sounds.
When a “Master” is copybotting what he is doing is IMing the Bot which is one of his alts that the program is logged on to, the bot has to be in the sim and is most often a brand new avatar. (copybotting with just 1 avatar is very complex, but can be done)
Copybotting takes seconds, but if you see a avatar standing close to a model in your shop or something, and there is a brand new avatar next to him which he tpd in, and the alt does not ever move, and neither does he look around, he is like a statue, then you got yourself a CopyBotter there.
Copybotters most often use a viewer called Shooped Life. the viewer makes the user compleatly hidden, and he can not be tracked, the viewer also allowes previously banned IP’s and people reconnect to Second Life and play once again. So, simply, have a botter banned, he will be back in a few minutes.. stopping Copybotting is impossible, it will always be around. I say, make it harder for them instead of trying to catch them, the harder you make it for the botter to get what he wants, the less he will want it, as he wont think its worth the trouble.

About the Viewer Shooped Life.
The viewer is very old, but very useful for Copybotters, their whole SL Life depends on this viewer, without it they would all be banned.
the famouse griefing group named Patriotic Nigras originally created both the CopyBot and Shooped Life.
Shooped Life is so old, that some of the newer scripts do not work, this can be used as for to prevent people with this viewer to for example, get Demo’s from your shop, as the script wont work for them.

For any more questions or if you want help with preventing Copybotters to invade your shop, i have many suggestions, so send me an IM in-world
and i’ll be with you in a second.

PS: I’m a builder myself and once had a small shop, it all went great untill my objects got copybotted and i found them being sent out in groups which made me loose intrest in SL Business, and these days im just goin around and building some for myself for private use.

btw, theres probably a *** of grammar faults and typoes in this post.. but i really am too lazy to fix it..

NEXT one ………………….

Angelic Zepp

Ok not to stomp on people’s pretty party here but let’s be real.

1. Copybot is a program, not a script.

2. Copybot does not copy scripts, so your cute little script your talking about to check and ensure that the original creator is still the creator is worthless. Copybot won’t copy that, and therefore won’t give a rats behind who the creator is.

3. Scripts that shout on rezz that such and such is created by so and so and is protected by anti-copy bot are easily silenced by going to a no scripts sandbox and deleting the annoying script.

4. You cannot stop copybot, the sooner you learn and accept this the better you will be. The best recourse is to watch for your items and report them using a DMCA when they are found.

5. If you are honestly that concerned about copybot that you will hinder customers ability to use the product the best option might be to just close shop. Until LL bans the client from connecting nothing you do will stop it.

Trust me as a texture artist I’m very concerned about copybot and my textures and such. It’s not nice having the risk, but it’s something we all have to accept.

*steps away from soap box*

i luv these readings ….*close the forums/blog and go back to work on her new skins*


I “read” bliss blog ….

Bliss Windlow is a friend … a rock …. a beauty and a wonderful heart in SL, Just by reading her blog everytime she post something new there. Have a look on what she wrote – at the end of the day all matter here in second life EXPERIENCE that bring richness into your REALLife – the life where we truly breath and survive, beyond this imaginary and pixelerated world. Don’t take it so hard, take it slow, learn everyday, smell the roses here and smiles ……xd



thank you bliss ..for being so blissed everytime ….luv manis


La Sonrisa – ela é carioca

moi 3

honestly i am not sure if selling the skin in sl now is worth the trouble with so much copy boting around. TODAY i just got the information from one of the fabfree designer that THE FAMOUS and ADORABLE UMA skin from RockBerry has been stolen and sold in world openly.

i have been experiments with few new skins for mix and match using a new template to work for from ADELGAN design mixed with other make up detail from my other collections like design by Unlikely Quintessa as well as Taylor Kimberley. The 3 of them are the major skins base/template suppliers in second life. Based on my browsing and observation they are the original content creator in SL that deliver the wonderful base of skin template and make up for a lot of other designers to work on with their own creativity, aspiration and preferences.

i don’t know …i am a budget shopper in sl, instead of buying it in high price, i rather buy the tool [template, texture, scultpies/prims] and work on them to my own liking and preference and share it with other in world with reasonable price just enough to cover my tier/rent.

Soooooooooooo ….. let me introduce you to La Sonrisa – [name given by Jaxie Oceanlane – a good friend as well as an awesome builder in SL]. well …. i always wish i have a few of my teeth showing off within my fatty lips in RL…is sexy and cute ..just like angelina jolie ….xd. so this is SL – why not making it happend here …[ she is not done yet, i am still working on some of her base detail as well as other make up combo].

Lolo …really not sure if i want to sell it …or just share within mix and match group …. so see what happend.

again please support content creator in SL … so we all continue bringing beauty and good things to this world.

cheeerssssssssssss …………………………


October Group Gift

october group gift

i wanted to release them as my new collections ….BUT i am too slow, and i have gotten my self a bunch of new templates and textures to work on. SOoooooo ….. i decided to make them as this month GROUP GIFT instead of selling them. i have few more others unreleased items that i might do the same for the next few months.

Yeah ….it cost you L10 to join my group, is just like a small token to show your appreciation of my group, my existence and my work in second life. and if you join my group …i will be delivering to you personally a nice wellcome gift. Make sure you also check the previous notices because here and there i throw gifts through group notices.

and every new releases i have, i will purposely make 1 set to give out as group review for Free. Moreover on your Rezday you are entitled a gift voucher from me in the value of L500.

so is not about that L10 that make it such a big deal …. is the value you had put into my group and your willingness to sacrifice your L10 to show me that you appreciate my work and give me reason to continue creating in sl.

loveeeeeeeeeee …peace ………………….manis

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