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Boneca ….coming soon

she is boneca still in the mood of latina beauty. she is only the 1st draft and knowing me ..i will twist , tweak and turn a lot ….xd

i want to give her the dramatique look but yet soft and sweet.

i dunno if you know the flower “morning glow/glory” …the flower is so inviting but when you touch it …it will close up the petals. shy …but yet inviting …

so this is the mood i am going for boneca.

this is the preview of her look. enjoy …

boneka picture


1st ReLeaSe of Mix and Match fall 2009 – shoesss …socks…..xd

do you know Babette Sivocci ? if you don’t visit this link of her blog :

she has a nice touch of how the hippie style, bohemian, boho, lux grunge what ever name you call it exist in Second Life. she is very consistent on her style and the whole outlook of her range of fashion and pick. if you want to call a bohemian queen in SL – i would nominate her name for sure. It is always a pleasure to visit her blog time to time and see how she touch her work with art.

okie for my FALL 2009 releases – don’t laugh ….i finished all these line like 3 weeks already, BUT i am sooooooooo not in the moooooood of making the pictures. inspiration stuck …”lol” and i end up doing or build other things when i log in to SL. *slap my own face*

i drag myself to complete them because i LOVE each pieces of them and can not wait to WEAR them in public …”lol”. so i decided to releases them by batch – every week one batch until they are all complete.

THIS week is FOOTwear –

i think this fall my inspiration is a bit vintage, hobo, shabby, indie¬†look but yet cOLORs and off course hippie accent and a bit of spanis touch here and there. they should “look” warm in your eyes by acquiring the pixels generate from the look on your scree. they look warm, cozy, comfy and off course CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

so here they are – i sell each shoe pair for L150 and PLUS PLUS PLUS 3 pair of prims socks to match them ON TOP of what you are paying for the shoes. each of them sold in this price –

Bohemian Sandals – come with 3 pair of leg warmer

bohemian sandlas

Boho doll shoes – come with 3 pair of prims sock along with a sweet lace on it.

boho doll shoes

Boho queen boot – come with 3 pair of prims sock

boho queen boot

NOW socks, leggings what ever you call them – i sell them each set for L75 and you got 5 styles inside.

animal print

pasley print

retro print


NEW NEW – hair accesories

if you are bohemian by heart or hippie lovers – you will never stay away from colors, flowers and patern.

on this new collections of hair accesories, i specifically take all those key points into my creation. i use various type of fabric texturing on the accesories.

i also put a dollarbies set of one of the hairband for limited time only. it is right there at my hair shop corner.

here are the pictures of them.

hippie hair band in 2 set, each set consist of 3 hair band sold for L50.

hippie hairband 1

hippie hairband 2

vintage hair band – classy looking hairband with flowers sculpties, sold in set as well for L50 each set consist of 3 hairbands.

vintage hairband 1

vintage hairband 2

DOLLARBIES – limited time only


cute hairband – i guess i was inspired by japanese doll/gothica harajuku girls. i love to see how they put up their roadway fashion show everytime i am in tokyo. and one thing i notice a lot is the BOW, pretty cute BOW and hairband. so here you go my own aspired of BOW hairband. the same, sold in set for L50 and each set have 3 different textures.

cute hairband1

cute hairband2


MoonSoon Summer collections – *new touch up*

you know i love to wear what i make in SL. sometimes i did a few touch up on them to make them more exciting to wear and mix and match with others stuff and give out a whole new look.

this set is actually one set of dress, but they come in 4 different styles as you can see on the picture. each set are sold at L$80.

and the orange one which is not shown on this picture is the GROUP GIFT for this month. check out my previous release to see how the orange look like. [ will be removed in 1 week time ]

enjoy ………..

mini dress 2


“This is it ………” – ~ ma’ new releases ~

lol … i swear i will log off after this and off that computer and do my rl. i guess when the idea and inspiration just sudenly come to your mind in suden just can not get enough or stop it.

still …colors, hippie, indie, bohemian look and off course pretty to mix and match with almost anything, be it stuff from my shops or other place. they are pretty affordable and nice to wear.

Hippie Long Dress – nice sequin and bead in strong color combinations with soft touch of the shouder pad. they are sold for L80 each set.

Hippie Long Dress

TieDye top [L50] – a pretty cute hippie looking top with plaid skirts just under your chest. good to mix with jeans or casual pants, capri or short.

tie dye Top

Plaid Top – same purpose, style and price as the tie dye collections, however is a bit urban, indie touch with all the colourfull tartan pattern.

Plaid Top


NEW Releases – Dolly Skirt, Accesories and Funky Tiara

these new collections are fun to wear and mix and match with almost anything. just be DARING – mix and match them with any style, colors, pattern you would like to have. is YOU all about YOU …UNIQUE you …enjoy …xd

dolly princess set – consist of skirt [wt belt] and top – you can match them with the sequin accesories set and the boogie boot i have from previous releases.

dolly princes set

this funky cute crown is actually a flower that you can put it on your head and make it like a tiara. tips …try to make it a big hair and just wear the tiara. they are sequin platted in different goldie colors. come with the matching chunky necklace to go along.

sequin set 1

sequin set 2

spring flower set – top and skirt in 2 colors tone blue and green. you can wear them just like this or mix and match it with pants, capri or legging.

spring flower set

spring flower accesories

Spring flower Accesories set – necklace, rings, bracelets left and right plus the earings


Blame it on the bOOgie – salut to the Jackson 5

Hellllooooowwwwwwwwwwww –

small releases inspired by Michael Jackson. i was watchin MTV last night – is the best top 40 of the king of pop songs. one of it is “Blame it on the Boogie” – is so funky, retro and full of disco spirit.

so i am making this boot for that – and coming more some clothings to match these boots. the idea is up there just need to coordinate my brain to start the move with my hands ….”lol”. so stay tune …and funky …


check out the youtube for this song:

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