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NEW SKIN – Bonita ….

Who does not know her … the legend of the real beauty queen …..

BONITA is the 5th generation of mix and match skin – still inspired by latina beauty and old hollywood big screen actresses. i love their make up and the natural beauty they have. they are simple yet glamorous. so enjoyyyy….





NEW Skin – she who smiles a lot – sorrisa

YAY ! i finally completed these 1st line of my 5th generation of skin released in year 2009. this generation is inspired by the latina beauty that i adore so much. their skin tone is just wonderful to apply with almost every colors be it on make up, clothing or even hair.

the first line of few more lines to come is SORRISA, her name means smile in portugese. she is a bit unique, she has her teeth showing between her lips. she might not be everybody preference, but if you are adventorous in second life and willing to work on your shape, she could be very gorgeous on your avatar.

i sell each skin for L400 and the fat pak is L1200. come with each set you purchased are free eyes, free eyebrows, free face light and eyelashes.

so …please wellcome my sorrisa

sorrisa I [marrom] – darker side of tan

sorrisa marrom

sorrisa 1 body

fair face overviewdark tan face overview

tan face overview


sorrisa II [simpatico] – lighter side of tan

sorrisa simpatico


sorrisa 2 body


sorrisa 2 fair face overview


sorrisa 2 fairf face overview


Flatterby – my new skin


Sorriso dark tan – coming soon ….. stay tuned


3 NEW short hair –

i only make them either in black or brown. i give name by set, each set has 3 different style of hats. i love to wear hats and sometimes …. the hair i have just did not work with some others hair. therefore i decided to make it my own …xd.

each set is sold for L150 and you can try the demo at the shop.

pilot cap set

postman cap

flower burst cap


BOHEMIAN, HIPPIE – rasta look hair styles *NEW*

i had finished touching up the 5 basic hair styles i have and turn them into more hippie and bohemian look. the main thing here not just the hair style itself but the piece of accesories i put on the hair, be it rasta hat, hairband or normal hat. i blend these accesories with some of my precious textures which i love so much.

each hair style come in set. each set has one color hair tone with 4 different texturing on the accesories on it. they are sold for L100 set [black, blonde, brown and red]. the fat pak is only for L350 and you get 16 hairs in pak. the DEMO is free for you to try out.

so here you go the pictures of them.

rasta hair1

rasta hair2

rasta hair3

rasta hair4

rasta hair5

the hair color spreads are as followed






NEW HAIR collections – just 6 of them

i am slowly learning how to make hairs. they are not easy and very tedious. takes a lot of times to rearrange them and put them correctly. and the hard part is to color them one by one ….lol. i don’t like script [maybe is laggy to me] so i color them one by one.

i sell them in 4 different pak, and each pak comes with 5 color tones : black, blonde, brown and red. each pak only L80 and you get 5 different colors hair inside with the same style.

i had created 6 styles so far. these are the most favorite styles i love to have and wear. they are just nice to mix and match with my other collections. I LOVE and LOVE big hair and show the cute pretty faces.

so i hope you enjoy them and like them. give it a try for the demo … it cost you nothing.

here are some pictures of the hair styles and the colors pak …. cheeersss, manis

style 1

style 2

style 3

style 4

style 5

style 6

Hair color tones :

color board

color board

color board

color board


4th released – NEW SKIN – just mascara on me xd

mascara on me girl board

mascara 1

mascara 2

mascara 3

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