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i am back in world just to ‘set’ my shop

i can not really say “hi, i am back” cause i am not really back in world like i used to be before. 8 months away from second life has brought me a different understanding about second life. i start to see it as another extension of my creativity and nothing more. i have a real life that is much more worth to hold on than just second life.

BUT the feeling of having the time to create something and invent something new that bring me back to second life. beside i have so much collections in my inventory that i should not waste at all. they are precious for me and i had spent my time, energy, effort to create each one of them.

therefore with a help of my friend – i am setting up my shop again. i might not creating things NEW like before. but i am displaying what i had made so you can purchase them if you want to own it.

sorry my writting mood has been decreasing so much, i guess i am loosing the touch or the sense of being an avatar, i am now more writing as a real person behind an avatar on the second life.

so like i said … no emotional involvement, no expectation, nothing to hope or wish for from second life anymore … just here to have fun and creating stuffs.

hope you enjoy them …. btw if you want to TP to my temp shop you can click the link under my blog link.

thank you ….


SKIPPING STONE HUNT – The Down The Chimney Hunt

hiii …i am participating on this hunt. this time i collaborated with ticky tacky and *RSS to come out with one theme set of outift, accesories and boots as the gift. i am a little bit sick in rl and going off for the long holiday soon, so i came out with this picture of our gift hopefully it help give you a better look of the gift.

enjoy …. and happy holiday …xd


Style Card # 48

Hair : >TRUTH< Katey – treacle by Truth Hawks

Skin : -mix and match- bonita  LT4

necklace : ::69:: Candy Necklace – 69 – by Kumii Yoshikawa

candy: :::MM::: Lollipop – Anything Goes 4

glasses : Gudshu Glasses – Ipcress Thin by  Gudshu Udal

top : :::MM:::pretty old sweater + shirt, blue, by mix and match [ with belt}

pants: :::MM:::my boy friend jeans ripped, short, by mix and match

socks: :::MM:::Boho doll shoes sock L 3, by mix and match

shoe : *COCO*_WedgeSneaker(White)_Base by cocoro lemon

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. !Femme – Suffer for fashion by  Iris Miliandrovic
2. !Femme – Suffer little children  by Iris Miliandrovic
3. !Femme – The repudiated Immortals by Iris Miliandrovic


Style Card #47 – Merry X’mas

Hair : >TRUTH< Festive Geri – silver by Truth Hawks

Skin : -mix and match- bonita  LT4

scarf : :::MM::: boho chic stola 5, by mix and match

bangles : *Ticky Tacky* Hoopty Hoops of Love Bangle – Dream Angel  by  Narita Rayna

dress: *fid*C-01-white by oki Karas

shoe : .*Courtisane*. La Vivien ALL PASTELS  by Enktan Gully

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. !Femme – I know it’s over by  Iris Miliandrovic
2. !Femme – Ending start  by Iris Miliandrovic
3. !Femme – Empty by Iris Miliandrovic


Style card #49

Hair : W&Y HAIR FAIR 4 *TYPE*C by  yukitan Farrjones

Skin : -mix and match- Sorriso II L 3f

scarf : :::MM:::Cute Urban Scarf 2, by Mix and Match

bangles: *Ticky Tacky* Tourist Trap Bracelets by Narita Rayna

shirt : !DPD: Giraffe Tee [Beige] 1 by DahliaJames GossipGirl

pants: **en Svale** Denim Hotpants (leather) by Zooey Yokosuka

vest : ::IZUMIYA::PB_Sep/ Vest by Alice07 Barzane

socks: *salire socks/black by salire landar

boot : *RRS* Soleil Cowboy Boot by Jaxie Oceanlane

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. !Femme – Never Had No One Ever by  Iris Miliandrovic
2. !Femme – Monsters  by Iris Miliandrovic
3. !Femme – Love is a Place by Iris Miliandrovic


Style card #46

Hair : .+*Pipy*+.Black [MS] by Mirai Shan

Skin : -mix and match- bonita  LT3

ring : -mix and match – grandma ring – red

belt : :::MM::: Boho Stylist Chain Belt, dichro, by Mix and Match

top : *Reale* Crocheted flower bolero (black) by Mallu Mayo

pants: :::MM::: Classic Black Short, by Mix and Match

socks: MIEL LO REFURBISHED SOCKS – multi/ebony by miel

shoe : (ST) 1.20 Ving boots – black by  Fallingwater Cellardoor

Poses [ left to right ]:
1. !Femme – Suffer Little Children by  Iris Miliandrovic
2. !Femme – The Repudiated Immortals by Iris Miliandrovic
3. !Femme – Where You’ve Been Hiding by Iris Miliandrovic

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